Some time ago I finally learned writing the foreword as a first thing in your book is probably a very bad idea. This isn't the book, though, and I thought some explanation of what I'm doing here would be in order.

This is a writing blog in a meaning of "I will write about my writing here", not "I will publish it here". I intend to get professionally published this time and earn something for it. You're free to follow my insights, or offer your own why you think I'm doing something wrong (because writing well about somebody is boring).

I've spent a good deal of time preparing for the task I've undertaken recently, even if I didn't know it to be preparation when I started. For at least over a year now I've been concentrating on reading. A lot. I've read actual books and novels, I've read the writing techniques and tips. I've watched lectures by published fantasy novelists about their craft*. All in all, good part of my life as a social failure I spent on perfecting my chances in getting something done. And by us, I intend to get this done. Follow me if you wish to learn about my progress and where this is taking me.

* - if by any chance you're Brandon Sanderson, know that you're my guru now
PS. This post has got the most hilarious link possible. No, I'm still learning writing, and I will be till the end of my days.

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