What's in a name?

My real full name is Adam Andrzej Jędrys, and since I decided to write for western markets, I realised the diacritic in my last name and its overall pronunciation may prove... problematic for some of my western readers. Thus I decided to use as a writing pseudonym one of my oldest online handles - Kalontas, mixed with elements of my real name.

Where did "Kalontas" come from, though? About 10 years ago I played a video game called Zeus: Master of Olympus (also, check my friend's website which includes a section about that game at n-gry.pl - if you speak Polish) and the game required me to come up with a nickname. Being fascinated with various foreign languages back then, I checked my Greek language dictionary and for some incomprehensible reason I took the word "calling out" to translate it into Greek. It came up as Kalontas, and I liked it, so I decided to use the name, including using it on a fansite of the game.

By the way, that friend's website I mentioned above? It's the spiritual successor of that site, and I'm still there. The handle has stuck with me since, and for years now I've considered it almost a part of my name. So when I have a reason to actually use it as a name, why not?

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